January 18th, 2014

Ask a silly question

And you get a silly answer.

For Christmas this year I got son a DNA test kit to run on Hazel. Just for fun. We took some cheek swabs and mailed them off.We just got the results back. They are not quite what I had expected. I remember her mother as a smallish, (smaller than Hazel who is 70 lb.) brownish southern hound. Of course nobody knows who the father is-- there were 12 pups, they may not have even had the same dad.

Hazel came back as Boxer X Amstaff on one side, (presumably the dad,) and nearly impenetrable mutt on the other. Ingredients there included possibly  Bloodhound, and Catahoula Leopard Dog!

Of course a mutt mix is harder to sort out than a straight cross between two established types. I often wonder what happened to her siblings-- are they out there somewhere, and are their people as delighted with them as we are with Hazel?

We got very lucky with Hazel-- she is a lovely person who happens to be a dog. Finding out what may have gone into the soup pot is interesting-- but it changes nothing else.