December 7th, 2013

Books that touched me

Here goes:

Wolves of Willoughby Chase -- Joan Aiken
Persian Boy, Fire from Heaven -- Mary Renault
Wings from the Wind (Poetry Collection)
Dark is Rising Series-- Susan Cooper
Once and Future King TH White
Collected Works of Thurber
Hornblower Series
Les Miserables-- Victor Hugo
Moby Dick-- Herman Meliville
Poems of Kipling

My goodness, they are all fiction. That is kind of a surprise, I read a lot of non-fiction too. But the ones that settled in my heart, the ones that I hugged to my chest, the ones I never wanted to end,  those seem to be the ones that were that were 'stories.'  Funny about that...

I made a thing!

Tonight I made rolled fondant!

This changes everything. I was able make it out of marshmallows and confectioners sugar. It made a frosting that could be worked like bread dough. When I was ready I just rolled it flat and draped it over my cake. It was stretchy enough to obscure any bumps in the cake, and it tastes really good.

I am never going to buy store-bought cake frosting again.