October 15th, 2013

My hero

Husband today has to ride on the top of an elevator  to take samples of some suspicious dust . He has to go up five stories this way. I asked if he will have a harness and he says no, that he has not been trained in the use of a safety harness, so he cannot be given one.

Husband does not like heights. But he says this will be fine because he will not be able to see the ground, and thus not get scared. I feel there is some thinking here that does not make much sense.

I used to worry that he would fall off of the aircraft carrier-- people do sometimes, they do! This feels like that, except he was younger then. I asked him to call me when he is done.

********** He just called. He is done and safe. Workers from Otis elevators worked the buttons. I am so relieved. I pictured some idiot pushing the up button and him being squished at the top of the shaft.

At lest when he was at sea I didn't find out about danger till after.