September 24th, 2013


Someone across the airshaft is playing marichi hits of the 80's really loud! I mean shaking the windows, dog can't sleep either,  loud. This is a straw too much! I might complain, if I could figure out who it was, but that is not easy around here. There was a church that played the snare drum as part of late night, (possibly all night,) services. Took ages to find them, they were down the block. Sound distorts around here.

I have been having nightmares all week. (I do that, I am used to it, but it means I have to sleep in the day too sometimes,) Also sleep has something to do with writing. Bits of things coalesce for me in sleep, if I can do it right. Sounds dumb, but it seems to work.   But my plans for lovely sleep were already scuttled today. Husband had put his chem homework on the wrong hard drive, the one he cannot export from, because it works funny because he found it in the street... But he needed everything on it desperatly. So he had to come home. And he was already in a bad mood too because he had cut his hand at work. He was taking samples from a drop ceiling. (They are full of asbestos, you guys.) Some idiot had shoved a bunch of sheet metal up there where it could not be seen.

So he came cursing home on the subway. And he met me, cursing here. This is why I buy the BIG band-aids. You can always cut them down, but you never know when you will want a huge one. Also, they live in the kitchen. Because that is where the knives are. I mean when was the last time anyone got cut in the bathroom?

So I guess, not going to sleep. I can put on ;my headphones and do something useful. At least I will be hearing music that I picked out.