September 16th, 2013

The Way Home

Title: The Way Home

Rating G

Word Count 751


The Way Home

He had money in his purse. Mr. Secretary, if he spared any thought for such details, would have thought it well to rent a horse. So it was Kit's own ill nature that made him choose to walk. He would go, aye. They could not make him hurry.

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Nope still can't

There is a  song: 'Jubilee' by Mary Chapin Carpenter. Years back now Romanticgirl (who is a writer of great power you guys,) wrote a lovely thing called 'Wreckage and Rust,' which introduced me to the song. Her story was Horatio-world, but very weary and adult, as I remember. Loss, loss...

The song is on my ipod now, has been since then. And I don't know if it reminds me more of Archie, or Horatio, or of some version of me, but every few months I have a listen to see if it still makes we weak with tears. The good kind of tears, the kind that let the poison out.  So far, yes.

I don't know much about music. But there is something about the way the notes swell and then dwindle, how the fiddle comes in underneath with a thing that might be a reel, if reels were for weeping. The lyrics are lovely, very simple and clear. I don't know, just listen to it. let me know what you all think.