September 4th, 2013

The Impact

Title The Impact

Author Eglantine-br

Rating G

Word Count 811

The Impact

Cleveland did not feel the impact.

He had been there, shouting at Kennedy, because no one could hear or breathe through the storm. (And why was Kennedy on deck at all, except that he was usually where Hornblower was, and would share the watch with him, even on the dirtiest night in fifty years.) But Cleveland was not thinking about this particular demonstration of loyal love. This was no time for thought. The wind was a lunatic shriek, and the cross seas were trying pitch-pole the Indy. And Christopher Cleveland was clapped onto a lifeline, and his eyes stung with water, coming in fast as he could blink, and he was tilted at forty degrees. He was trying to get Hornblower's damned attention so he could relieve the damned watch.

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