July 6th, 2013

Hot Soup

Today was a hot day, hot enough that I worried about Hazel burning her feet in the street. (She has figured out that the white paint areas are cooler. she sticks to them.

But this afternoon I made a huge pot of chicken soup. (With rice, 'stirring once, stirring twice')

I did this because I have the worst cold in the whole hemisphere. I am so stuffed up. I feel like my face is full of cement. I may have to sleep standing up like a cow.  So soup. I threw  in carrots and rice and onions and   it helped a little.

Hazel did something really smart yesterday. She has a habit of licking her feet. Vet says it is just a nervous habit, like nail biting. But when we see her doing it we say 'Hazel stop licking your feet," and she stops until we are not looking. Yesterday Mike caught her at it, and said it. She put both her snout and feet under a blanket, and kept on. Clever girl.

Only one Spanish sentence of note today.

'She took out her knife."

Now, i ask you, when will I need to say that. (I am hoping never!)

No writing today. Maybe tomorrow.