May 26th, 2013

One Spanish sentence today

Only one good Spanish sentence today-- but it is a doozy.

'The lieutenant sleeps with the colonel.'

Oh, really? They are not supposed to do that. Bit of an imbalance of power there I think.

 IRL, on my husbands first ship, years ago,  some little e-nothing (not him although he was e-nothing then,) opened a broom closet. Out fell the XO and the Medical Officer with both their pants down. Both were married to other people.

I have not heard any more about the evil duck, or the woman who drinks oil.

Yesterdays lesson informed me that 'It is raining petroleum.' (Well, you would not have to drill, but just imagine the mess!)

In other news-- I know I have not written any fiction in ages. Please don't give up on me! I have something soon featuring Mr Bush. It will be smut. Just hold on, please don't wander off.