May 23rd, 2013

Sinister Spanish, and the subway

Out to Sheepshead Bay today to our dentist. Son was the one in the chair. Dentist would have taken me, if he had time. But there was not time, so I am to come back for another visit.

Husband did not go today, although he needs the most work done. He was in Manhattan taking his final exam in Differential Equations. I am sure he would have preferred a  nice extraction.   He likes the dentist because he can sleep in the chair. They put the chair back, and he is out. He does not care what they do as long as they let him sleep. He can sleep through a root canal. I have seen him do it. Despite the in your face nature of dental work, I am always interested in the cool gadgets they have. Every year the dentists seem to have better stuff. This one has the X-ray where you stick your head in a box and they shoot from all angles at once.

So I sat there as they drilled, and did my Spanish.

This lesson had some good sentences.

'She drinks the oil'

'The lamp has no oil'  (Well, of course not, she drank it. Also why are they using oil lamps anyway?)

But then:

'She knows the code.'

'She has the disc.'


'The petroleum is ours!'

This is turning into sort of a spy story, maybe. Or maybe I just have spies on the brain from thinking about Marlowe.

I had a nice long subway ride. I was able to watch people and wonder about them. The man sitting across from me was a young Hispanic guy, He was holding an ice-pack against his face. He looked very sad. I was thinking--maybe he has been to the dentist too. Maybe they took his wisdom teeth out. Maybe he has been in a fight. I will never know.

And i saw a Hasidic man give up his seat for a woman in a hijab who had two little kids. She smiled up at him and he tipped his hat like a cowboy.

Also I saw one woman help another carry a stroller down the stairs. The baby sat inside like a little beetle in a flower. She waved as she passed me down the stairs.

So this going to be Memorial Day weekend. We are not going anywhere, or doing anything in particular. Daughter has no school Monday. It has been very hot, like summer is really getting going. Early this year. It had actually been pretty uncomfortable the last few days, then today the heat broke with rain. Maybe that is why everyone seemed so happy and friendly.