May 2nd, 2013

Hazel is back home

Hazel is home from the vet. She has had her bottom shaved, and has a neat line of stitches. You can hardly see them, but I am sure they hurt. She took a pain pill hidden in a piece of cheese last night.

She will not fall for that a second time.

So I am doing the thing where you pry her mouth open and jam it down her throat, while reciting promises of undying love. I have done it to many animals over the years. Dogs, cats, goats, babies.... I can say with some confidence, as far as difficulty,  that dogs fall into the mid-range. Cats are of course the worst. (Nobody had any doubts of that, right?) Although, our goat Daphne once bit right through my mom's fingernail. (Mom was trying to retrieve a camera lens cap, but the action is the same.) That was the day I first saw arterial  spray. Mom considered it a teachable moment. She was good that way.

But I digress. What I wanted to say is that the pill thing is an argument for prying open the mouths of all pets now and then, and feeling around in there. Baby humans too, for that matter, but we do that anyhow usually.

Dogs and cats should be willing to have mouths and feet handled, in case you ever really need to. If you cat is choking, and you might need to do CPR, it is not the time to get severely bitten reaching into her mouth....

Sorry did not mean to lecture-- I am sure most of you do this anyhow.

Anyway. Hazel is home. That is my point.

How are you?