February 9th, 2013

Brooklyn just fine

We are good here in Brooklyn. Power on, less than a foot of snow. It is wet snow, snowball snow. Daughter has gone off sledding.

Further North and East, (Not even very further,) trouble starts

MIL In Connecticut  has four feet of snow. (So that is 1.2 meters-- if that is more easy to think about.)  She cannot get out of her house. She managed to get the garage door up to let her dog out to pee. The dog would have had to climb the snow to get up to the top. Even if MIL was able to do that herself she would be chest deep in snow in her own front yard!

I have not heard from my brother or the Vineyard people. I think they got pretty slammed. I know they stopped ferry service to the islands, (The Vineyard and Nantucket,) That is pretty rare. It has more to do with wind than snow. Although even modern ships are not fans of clinging ice...

Massachusetts is forbidding travel. If you are out driving you can go to jail. That has not been done since 1978. I remember us using the window  after that blizzard. Of course you bring the snow shovel into the house so it does not get lost in the snow. Then you go out the window and shovel the doors free.

Nothing at all dramatic here in Brooklyn. The streets are well ploughed.