January 24th, 2013

History People

I had a thought last night, trying to sleep. If you could meet, to spend the afternoon with historical people of the past who would you all choose? 
You can have them one by one, or all together. You can have lunch with them. Is this weird? (Son points out you may have a problem there-- you get Jesus and Thomas Paine talking with each other and the afternoon is shot before you get to ask anything yourself!) Obviously we are assuming no language barrier--  

So who would you choose?

I started listing them in my mind. So many.

I came up with: Kyd and Marlowe, (obviously)  Walt Whitman, Marie Curie, Mary Wolstoncraft, Oscar Wilde, Jesus, Thomas Paine, Dominique Jean Larray, (Napoleon's surgeon, he is one of the inventors of emergency medicine,)  Harriet Tubman...

And I would like to meet some of the captives under Napoleon who got sent to the Biche, like Archie. 

This is not a full list. I found myself going on late into the night, with and-- and--. And of course they are in no particular order. And some of these people might not like me at all! (Except for Jesus and Whitman, who both saw the good in just about everyone.)
I am reading about Francis Walsingham now. I think I would like to meet him, but I don't know. Some lives are more distant and alien from our own than others. 

Son says he would like to meet some people from ancient Sumer for just that reason.

So, what would you all choose?