January 23rd, 2013

Ovid, Smoked Fish, and the Good Sea

Title: Ovid, Smoked Fish and the Good

Author Eglantine_br

Rating G

Word Count 1334

Ovid, Smoked Fish and the Good Sea

Almost nobody knew. Mama had always
known, of course. That was only right, it had seemed at the time
that she knew everything. His nurse had known too, but she had simply
accepted it as part of Percy, like his skin which burned in the sun,
or his impossible hair.

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No matter what we have to walk the dog

Bitter cold out today. It is  -11 for you non-USians. We persist, in the face of logic, in calling it 13. 

I was wearing my Bob's Burgers hat and warm coat. (The Bob's Burgers hat is pink with rabbit ears. You can probably see it online if you look.)

Hazel had to wear her coat too. She was rewarded with a piece of sausage because we had to pick up her feet.

We went out, and to the park across the street. It is the kind of cold that makes everything clear. You can see for miles. I can see Bayonne and Hoboken, across the water.  Almost nobody out. And as I stood there shivering, a formation of pigeons went by. When I see them on the sidewalk I forget, but they are serious birds. Some people speak of them as if they are debased creatures-- people speak of rats the same way. But I think of what my mom used to say about animals like that.  'They are doing God's work.' 

The pigeons  form up, in the morning, and fly in schools like fish. 30, 40, at a time. Each one holds position, and at some unseen signal they all bank, and swoop back the other way. There is no reason for it, that I can see. They don't hunt from the air. They are not going anywhere. They do it for joy, it seems. I would too, if I could.  They were so close over me that I could hear the bristly sound of their feathers. And they are lovely, as the light changes on their feathers. They are blue, and black, and all kinds of grey. They are so clean and free. 

Hazel payed them no attention, of course. She capered around, and did her thing, and kicked up behind to clear away there. (Like Kit Smarts Jeoffrey,) and then we went in. 

Just a moment of awe, along with bunny hats and sausage. 

What are they teaching them these days?

Daughter is almost 15. We were talking about President's speech. She had not seen it. (She is out of school for Regents testing week.) Husband and I suggested she watch it on Youtube. We both found it quite moving. Also succinct, which is a rare virtue in such things.

Found out she did not know the significance of Seneca Falls, Selma, or Stonewall. (Selma rang a dim bell somewhere, but that was it.)

Husband fixed her up right away with a quick review of history. He also pointed out we still have some distance to go.

Poor kid, she can't know things if nobody teaches her.