January 9th, 2013

They grow up and you get to talk to them.

Conversation with son:

Me: There is a spider that has moved in above the toaster oven. She has an egg sack.

Him: Eww-- i don't like when they have eggs, they are all clustered and eww....But we can use the spider grabber.

Me: Yes, I don't want a thousand baby spiders in the house. They are fine outside.

Him Yes

Me: I like watching the baby ones outdoors, with their little parachute butts. I wish we could shoot parachutes out of our butts and fly with them.

Him: We could do that to avoid awkward social encounters

I should add that the spider grabber is exactly what it sounds like. It is a device to safely and kindly remove spiders from wherever they trouble us. It can be bought on Amazon.

I am lucky to have kids I like, with minds I  find interesting. 
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