December 28th, 2012

So when do I get the bread of idleness?

Holiday time is over. Back to real life.

Morning started with Lyra yelling at me until I woke up. Then she jammed her head under my chin and started her butting/rooting/mewling/drooling. She also worked at my neck with her sharp baby claws. She misses her mom-cat, and she has become convinced that she can get cat milk out of my neck if she tries.

Husband got up at 5 am and turned on the light.

I got up and fed the animals, and walked Hazel. She is easy in the morning, she just pees in the gutter and checks out the trash. 

Then I dragged 50 lbs of laundry across to the laundra-mat. I was able to read while I was there. (Having another read through of Ralph Roister Doister-- the language is strange enough that it is work, and the first time through I did not get the jokes,)  And it was quiet and warm with that sort of background machine hum which is very soothing. And it sounds dorky, but i like to watch the laundry go around with the soap.

Then dragged laundry --clean now-- back across the street and back up the stairs. Realized I  had dropped dirty socks on the way down, picked them up to wash next time. At least it was not underwear!.

Then off to the ATT store to sort out daughters phone, and to buy an Otter-box because I gave her mine. that went well, I was able to pay bill while I was there.

Grocery store on the way home. 6 big boxes of food for delivery. Bread and cake to carry home by hand.

Food has just arrived. Now all I have to do is clean the kitchen, and clean out the refrig. Then I can put the laundry away, and start a nice leg of lamb, and then-- I can write! 

I can feel Kyd and Marlowe in my mind now as companions, as I feel Horatio and Archie, at all times. So that is a good sign. They are getting realer, deeper, if that makes sense. I was worried that it would not happen, but there they are.