December 22nd, 2012

Life Stuff

Hazel is back from the nice vet, and having some antibiotic goop for her ears. I think they were more itchy than painful. She seems relieved to have them treated. One thing not so good. Hazel's diet is not proceeding very well at all. I really thought she was thinner-- but she had only lost 3 ounces! She had obviously been sneaking out in dead of night to eat Lyra's cat food! 

So this meant we had to have a new bookcase.

Let me explain. We have a little table in our hall where we feed Yodel It is right next to the bookcase, which was of course stuffed with books including the top. Lyra, being little, needs to eat more than twice a day-- she needs food she can go to anytime. So we had been feeding her on the floor. But that can't go on, because the dog is too fat.  So we moved Yodel to the top of the bookcase, he can hop there. She moved up to the table where he had been, she can scramble up there. That way Hazel, who eats on the floor near the cat  table, cannot get into the cat food. Cats learned their new stations by the second time around. Hazel is full of despair. But I had to move 30 books or so off the top of my bookcase. I put hem on the rack where I usually keep towels. Tee-da, new bookcase!  So where do towels go? Sea-chest maybe...

I am sadly behind in Christmas action. Some things are not even mailed off yet. It is not lack of love-- it is lack of brain or something. I feel as if I somehow lost the whole middle out of December.

Tomorrow I will be in my kitchen. I have consented, foolishly to go to MIL's for the day. So I am damn well bringing cookies. Husband said he wanted me to go, because when I am not there she turns her focus on him! He looked so miserable I agreed-- also, when he went for Thanksgiving the kids defected, and stayed at home with me! He has arranged for us to get there on the evening of the 24th, and leave midday on the 25th. He pointed out that we could spend much of the time asleep. (Merry Christmas)

At least Hazel will have fun. She likes the dog there.  And we will do the between us stuff here before we leave. That will be fun. I have got that nailed down at least. Kids and husband should be pleased.

I will be thinking of all of you. Hope you have the best week ever, with friends, an people who know and love you,  and sleep, and good food, and the weather you like best.

i will be here and there-- I'm not going anywhere really. but I wanted to say this before I forgot.

If you ever

If you ever find yourself committed to zest a large amount of lemons, may I suggest a nice brisk shanty? It does not prevent sore arms, i am sure it never did. But it gives a nice beat to the scrubbing motions. 

'Lukey's boat is painted green, 
Ha me boys....'