November 21st, 2012

two things-- or maybe three

1. I have realized that my life is by any measure probably half over. And I am simply never going to want to wear turtleneck sweaters! There is no point in me buying them and thinking that 'this time it will be different.' Or 'I can get used to them.' It is just not going to happen.

2. There is an article in Slate magazine about the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag, and the epidemic that killed most of the people on the New England coast just as the Pilgrims arrived. I knew of course the story of Squanto-- (Tisquantum)  a local Patuxet who stepped out of the woods and said 'Hi' when the Pilgrims showed up. His story, and how he came to speak English is a very sad one, but he was apparently a very kindly guy. I have never heard that he blamed anyone for anything.

I had always heard that the illness that caused the dying was measles, or some virulent flu. But this article posits leptospirosis Interesting.

3. I am not going anywhere for Thanksgiving. Husband is going to his moms. Kids are undeclared at the moment. I suspect that they will end up going-- just for the day. I am looking forward to doing my Thanks with the internet, a book, nap, quiet house. If the kids stay here I will make lamb.

Into Daylight

Title Into Daylight

Author Eglantine_br


Rating G

Word Count 850

Into Daylight

The window was much too high to reach. Even had they been able to touch the free air, the slit was no wider than a child's palm. It admitted light, in the mornings, which crept up the wall opposite. There was not enough to see by, really. It deepened the shadows, and it hurt Kit's eyes with sickening dazzle. But Kit watched it,each day, over and over, because he had no choice.

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