October 30th, 2012

The Morning After the Storm

My little family is still here in Brooklyn. My apartment is here. My street is here. My lights are on, and my internet is going. I am more lucky than millions.

The wind roared all night. Things fell down and whirled down the street. There was a fine misty rain, which was delivered horizontal.

. The subways are flooded and unusable. That means nobody can really go to work or school.So everyone is at home, bugging me. Daughter's school is apparently flooded with sewage from the Gowanus canal. (Disgusting Superfund site. Look it up if you dare.)

My cell phone is out. And that is now my only phone. We got rid of our landline. I don't know how long it will be out. Looks as if the cell phone towers for ATTT came down in the night. Much of Manhattan has no cell phones. Manhattan has no lights either, and in some cases no place to live. An electrical transformer tower at breezy point Queens  blew up in the night. So there were fires too.

But all is well here. Maybe i can get some writing done. Although hard to do with husband underfoot!