October 25th, 2012

Up from the Bottom

Title: Up from the Bottom

Author Eglantine_br


Word Count 753

Up from the Bottom

The foot kicked his thigh, short irritating prods. He moved away from it. But it worked its way under his arse, then and began to try to lever him from the floor. Kit scrabbled to sit. He squinted up, He could not see the man behind the smoking lamp.

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Apartment Life!

The people who live above us are mysterious. They are always awake, for one thing. They have kids that seem to run in circles all night, and that usually ends in yelling, (Presumably because it interferes with the anvil juggling,and clog dancing that the adults  seem by the sound to be devoted to.)

Afternoons are evenly divided between ferocious vomiting and noisy sex. Also constant bathing. (With a routine like that, you would have to.) The children yell in the bath.

I wonder how we seem to the people below us?