September 22nd, 2012

In the News, also Something I am Reading (2 Unrelated things make a weekend)

Sometimes people make bad decisions....

I do not think he wanted to be 'one' with the tiger in a spiritual way. I think he was a tiger molester. Husband points out tiger was quite willing to be 'one' in a nutritional sense. I suppose I should feel more sorry for this guy-- I mean he is quite badly hurt-- but I think much of my sympathy is for the tiger.

Also, am reading a book about Bligh and the Bounty. Prior to this one book, I knew little about Bligh, other than that he was a gifted navigator. This book seems well researched, and makes Bligh seem rather easygoing and not much at fault.

The book talks a lot about Joseph Banks-- who we know from Aubreyad, and also mentions a man from Stornoway, who sailed with Bligh.

What do you guys know? What have you read? I always feel that if you want to understand a historical event, you have to read several books at least. Can you recommend any others?