September 19th, 2012

Ajax has died

Ajax died this morning, completely unexpectedly. He went, in the space of half an hour, from being a fine kitten running and playing, to being unable to walk or move. He panted a bit and he cried, and he died. There would not have been time to even get down the block with him. 

The disturbing thing is that yesterday I took him to the vet, and had a checkup for him. At that time he was in obviously perfect health. The vet treated him for fleas, and goopy eye, and said he was a healthy kitten.

Today I took the bus back,carrying a shoebox, ( trying not to look like I had a dead kitten in my shoe-box,) and dropped him off for cremation. 

It sucks, guys. The whole family is trying to figure out if we caused it somehow. Mike is blaming himself for using Woolite rug spray. Claire does not know yet, she is still at school.

We gave him a good week that he would not otherwise have had. He would have died that night had Claire not taken him in. Maybe by next week that will be some comfort.