July 15th, 2012

Sometimes You Know.

Daughter came home from spending night at friend's house.

"Mom, I think spiders bit me last night."

She held out her hands which showed some clear small blisters on palms and edges of fingers.

"Hmm." said I.

"Do they itch?" I was dubious that they were spider bites, those are usually big and red.

"No...They hurt."

Well, hmm.

"Wait a minute,"  I said. "Didn't you say your tongue was sore yesterday?"  It was, and she had thought she had bitten it.

"Take off your shoes." I said.

Sure enough, blisters on her feet and toes. Sore mouth sore feet, sore hands. Blisters.

She has hand foot and mouth disease.

We are standing by for the fever and headache. She probably caught it from some grubby handed small child.

Once in a while it is nice to know something she does not.