June 17th, 2012

Track and field Shakespeare

Tonight husband and I are going to an event that we have been attending for the past few years. We are going to a performance by the New York Classical Theater. 

They are doing Twelfth Night.

This group performs for free in Central Park-- over a lot of park. Each scene, (or every ten minutes,or so,) the cast crew and audience has to get up and sprint, walk, limp, whatever to a  new area of grass and trees, and then we  sit down wherever we can and the play commences.

The audience is a mixed age group, lots of kids, older people, and lots of New Yorkers who want to have a night out for no money. Some people bring deck chairs, but it is not wise-- you end up having to carry them.

If you were sitting in the front you may find yourself in the back if you are not fast enough. Costumed cast members will run alongside you-- breaking character enough to giggle and tell you to hurry. They do wait until everyone is sitting before they begin. You do end up sort of dirty and scratched  at the end though.

They seem to think that the running will help you enjoy the play. As far as I can tell it works. We have seen them do Lear and Macbeth. They also have a thing for Moliere. (Have not sen any of that.) Macbeth, in particular was spooky in the darkening park, under the trees. I was quite spooked by the time things got stabby.

I think it will be just me and the husband tonight. We may go later in the year as a group. they will perform all summer and into the fall. They do ask for donations at the end, and we try to do that. The first year here we could not, and daughter just went up and thanked them instead. They were so sweet.

Anyway, I am really excited.