March 4th, 2012

What would Pellew Do?

We all know he had a way with the young. He had reserves of patience and kindness, and he spent much of his life dealing with teenagers. I need his skills today.

My daughter is 14. She is old enough to be a young gentleman, (or a useful young lady.) Tell me, fangirls, what you think of this:
 She had plans to sleep over at a friends house. But she came home first to walk and feed the dog. This is one of her jobs. She does it every night. She was in a hurry, her mind on other things. After she left, I found the poor dog sitting and looking doleful. Daughter had given her a bowl of cooked asparagus!

Mr Bush would have her warmly reminded of her duties. I am less inclined, of course to bend her over a cannon. But still ripping my hair out.