April 8th, 2011

Back to the Infirmary

Title Back to the Infirmary

Author Eglantine_br

Word Count 100 (drabble)

Rating PG

Disclaimer Not mine

Spoilers None





Back to the Infirmary






Horatio let out a long breath. He reclined against the head of the bed. Moving, for any reason, ever again, seemed unlikely. A long delicious distance away, he could see his own toes. He waved them a little, and smiled. Even his feet were satiated. He could feel his heart slowing. Archie was stretched beside him, like a great gold cat. His head was rested on his folded arms, his eyes were still dark and soft.


Horatio let his hand move over Archie's back, ghost light over the sway of spine. “We're getting even better at it.” Archie said.