October 23rd, 2010

Scars and All

Title: Scars and all
Author Eglantine
Rating G-ish
Spoilers None
Disclaimer I did not invent them

Scars and All

Horatio spit vigorously into the  washbasin.

“Clean teeth.” He said with a smile. “Much better. That chocolate really sticks.”

Archie was lounging against all the pillows. He had them tucked under and around himself, legs arms, back, everywhere. He was buried in a sea of feathers. He had slept, eventually, in a deep and dreamless place. He had slept like a child.  He was awake now, but heavy eyed. He was in no hurry .He was watching naked Horatio brush his teeth, That was a fine occupation. Horatio did not usually allow himself to be seen in his skin. He was strangely modest, even in midshipman's berthing. He seemed to have no awareness of his own grace and beauty. But today he was, for some reason, gloriously bare, for Archie's appreciative eye.  He was washing splashily, brushing his teeth, actually speaking in a civil tone before what would be forenoon watch. Archie was not fool enough to break the spell.

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