October 11th, 2010


Title: Day-Clean

Author: Eglantine_br

Rating: Just a little past G

Word Count 1520

Spoilers None

Disclaimer: I did not invent them




Note: Day-Clean is a word of West African or Caribbean origin, meaning the moment after dawn when the light comes forth.






Morning loved Archie, it always had. From earliest memory he had thought of the sun as caressing, of the light as gentle as his mother's hand. He rose toward the day with deliberation. Each day began clean, there was a moment, on waking, when the past had not hurt you yet. On Justinian, it had been the moment when he was alone, full in his own skin, and merely 'me.' That was the moment before he remembered who he was. It had only lasted an instant then, before he faced the pain of another day before him. But that moment of clean was enough then, to keep him trying to stay alive.


It was so much better now. When he had nightmares, he was able to wake to a real that did not hurt. When his eyes opened, he saw Horatio first. Then he was happy to remember who he was.



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