October 5th, 2010

Following a Head Injury

Title: Following a Head Injury

Author Eglantine_br

Rating R-ish

Word Count 1785

Disclaimer I did not invent them (except for Jeoffry Mittens.)






Following a Head Injury





Archie pulled his feet up under him, and tucked them. He could sit for hours like this, in his hammock, with his book settled against his knees. The hammock swayed with the movement of the ship, but if he held still, he was Archie-on-gimbles, and had the illusion of stability. The lantern was near enough to cast a yellow light on his page. He could see the door from where he was, before he was seen. He had only to flick an eye up. He had chosen his place in berthing with care. That was habit.


Best of all, from where he sat, he could watch over Horatio.



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