August 28th, 2010

On Going Home, Chapter 11

Title: On Going Home, Chapter 12

Author: Eglantine_br

Rating: R

Word Count: 1166

Disclaimer I did not invent them




On Going Home, Chapter 11


He had taken his own body for granted, when he was a child. It had long legs for running, and arms for catching, and throwing and climbing. It had a long silly nose, for breathing, and for other boys to laugh at. It had a prick, because he was a boy, and not a girl. This was good for pissing outdoors. The child body had dark serious eyes for looking, and long dark hair. The hair was for tangling and snarling, and getting stuck in his mouth. Sometimes old women said that they liked his hair. Then they stared at him too long and too hard, and his face got hot, and he wanted to hide. His child body had a good brain. His father said it was a very good brain. That was for thinking and puzzling and asking. Horatio thought of that part of himself as the real part.



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real life frustrations

Wanted to sleep tonight. But it is Saturday. In my neighborhood that means it is drunken Mariachi, kareoke night. Right outside my window in the street. Usually I like it. Tonight I just don't want to to deal with it.

Was really frustrated today. Went to the library, and found a book about prisoners of war held by French. I wanted to read it so much, and it turned out that it was some sort of weird limbo book, not part of reference or circulation. I went up librarian chain of command, and had 4 people tell me that they did not have authority to straighten it out.  I felt such a crazy wanting of the book. (even though  i had a bag full of other books too.)

Then on way back on subway some strange woman sat on me!

So I'm going to write, until the music stops. 2 or 3 am, usually. Good night to all you sleeping people out there in quiet land...