August 18th, 2010

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Title: On Going Home, Chapter 6

Author: Eglantine_br

Rating PG

Spoilers: None

Word Count: 1342

Disclaimer: I did not invent them





On Going Home Chapter 6





“Archie, wake up!” Horatio's voice ,seemed to come from a long way off, and Archie was so liquid, so languid in the sun, on the weeds. He was half naked, and more than half asleep, he didn't want to move.



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real world, whaling ship,

Hi guys,

There is an article in the New York Times today (should be easily available online,) about the Charles W. Morgan. It is America's, and perhaps the world's, last wooden whaling ship. It is at Mystic Seaport in Connecticut .

It looks as if they are examining her, and fixing her up, with possible plans to sail as they do with Consitution.

I have some personal connection here. My mother was friends with a very old woman, when I was a child, and we lived on Martha's Vineyard.  The old woman was the Grand-daughter of the last Captain of the Morgan.  I remember her well. She was old and tiny and wrinkled. She had lived on the island all her life. She used to knit me mittens.

I remember her son too. He was a writer for years for the New York Times.  He was a great loud man. He had fought in WWII, he parachuted in on D-Day, and fought in Battle of Hedgerows. Good man, great writer.

(I once saw him soak his chest hair with whisky, and light it on fire, to illustrate some sort of point in an argument he was making!)

Anyway, this is AOS, I think. The old woman is dead now, and her son is very very old, he  is what my mother always called: "deaf as a haddock."

Thus passes away the --- well you know.