August 10th, 2010

On Going Home, chapter 2

itle: On going home (Chapter2)

Author Eglantine-br

Characters: Archie, Horatio,

Rating: PG for thoughts

Spoilers: None

Word Count: 1857

Disclaimer: I did not invent these people









“It looks as if my father is not home.” Horatio said. He sounded unsurprised by this. Archie admitted to himself that he felt relieved. Horatio himself seemed oblivious about the nature and depth of Archie's affection for him, but the doctor might be more observant. Archie knew he would have to be very careful.


Horatio trotted ahead chattering and lighting lamps. It smelled pleasantly of wood smoke, and warmth. Archie was torn... He had never been in a house like this one. He was well familiar with the sprawling estates, and the town-homes of the great. He had gone visiting as a child, with his father. Archie knew how to act the presentable youngest son of the earl. And he had been in the shared rooms, in London, of his theater connections. Those had been full of laughing squalor. He knew how to act there too. But this was different. This really mattered. He wanted to look around the house He wanted to know all the dim corners. He wanted time to imagine Horatio as a child here, he wanted to see everything, add it to his precious store of Horatio-knowledge, to hug to himself, through the night. Horatio had no idea.




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