August 7th, 2010

On Going Home

Title: On Going Home

Author: Eglantine-br

Characters: Archie Kennedy, Horatio Hornblower, P. Keane

Rating: This chapter is G

Word count 1362

Disclaimer: I did not invent these people








Chapter 1





Philomon Keane took what now passed for a deep breath. Two breaths to a sentence now. The weakness, and the pain he had accepted, he thought, with reasonable grace. But he bitterly resented losing his wind. He clenched his meager lips. I never thought to get old, he thought, but what old man does?


He drew his eye along the line of boys, arrayed before his desk. They stood in rigid splendor, brushed braided, braced, careful not to catch his gaze. They were strong healthy, unlined, untested. They were good boys, these three. He had given them a start. A comfort, to take with him, to the cold ground. He grimaced again, and they made sure not to notice.



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