July 26th, 2010






He should have told about his throat. He was supposed to say, if he was feeling ill, so he could be ordered to bed to stare at the ceiling. That was how you got better. But he couldn't do that today. This was a special day. It had finally come, and he didn't want to miss anything. He wanted to jump and jump with happiness. His uncle was coming to visit. This uncle's name was Donald, and then came mother's old name, from before she met father. Archie had many uncles. Everyone did. Archie had so many, in fact, that he had not even met them all. But this was the best one. He was the one who picked Archie up under the arms, and spun and spun so all the world was streaks around the two of them laughing. He didn't say that Archie was too heavy, even though Archie was getting to be a big boy.



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