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Wordy Dreams

 Most dreams are not in words but in inhabiting a deam-self who does things that are at an angle to the real world. You-skewed. You guys know what I mean. But I narrate my life to myself much of the time, with words. Nasty habit, but I have always done so. And it leaks into my sleep. Sometimes I wake and know that I have been dreaming in words.  Mostly I lose the words completely when I wake up.
A few times a year the taste of the words follows me into the day. But dream words only make dream sense. Even when I can grasp the tail of them, and pull them into day, I have lost what matters. Today I awoke with one bit grasped tight.

'Lumbar penumbra stratagy.'

Well. If any of you can make sense of that please let me know. I don't know if it is plans for a military invasion, or a new solution for backache.It has a certain beauty though.

In other news, it is fall here. Leaves are yellow and falling down. Here at the edge of the water we don't get the brilliant red and orange of the Berkshires. It is a more subdued and a thinner glory. But it is the one I know best. And now we can take Hazel onto the big beach by the Coney Island Boardwalk. She is able to have a good run. She likes to wade and chase the seagulls. I took some pictures last time but they are not any good. They are just an expanse of sand, a stripe of blue, and Hazel, a dot in the distance. Beach pictures are so hard to get right.
Tags: real life, very silly

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