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Mount we unto the sky

Watching the progress of the Ebola with close and sad attention. Seems as if people have changed little in the last 600 years.

Famine is coming to the places hardest hit. People are too ill, or too afraid to harvest crops. And nobody is willing to go far to buy.

Last weeek the NY Times showed a small girl abandoned on a sidewalk, too ill to even lift her head. I can only hope that when the space-suits came for her she was too sick to know. She will never know that some woman so far away wept for her. (Weeps for her now.)

And yet, and yet. There are heroes too. People who stay with the sick and dying, with courage, with cost. Most of these people will never be known. That has not changed either. Hard heavy work, dealing with the sick, the dying, the dead. And usually done by women. Old women

I am reminded that the lying out of the dead, the 'making them decent,' is a thing of all times, and world wide. How horrible that that that comfort is denied the families of these people.
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