eglantine_br (eglantine_br) wrote,

As always-- not the fault of the bear

Much of New Jersey is rural It is glorious woods and swamps and fields. Very serene. But the serene woods and beaches are right up against towns and strip malls. What is a bear to do?

.I have seen the marks of bears in Northern Massachusetts, scratch marks hight up, above my head on pine trees. They scratch like cats I think. My father in law in Connecticut has a  phone video of a black bear that came up to the sliding glass door of his condo, and paused to look in.

Black bears are 'small.' Small for a big mammal. We are not big mammals. They range in size form the weight of a man to something near half a ton. And they run as fast as a horse.

When we take their habitat, and then leave our garbage everywhere, and then go walking in their woods, it is not their fault. They suffer for it though.
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