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3 Things Probably

I downloaded 'Mr Midshipman Easy' onto my Kindle. It is so funny.It starts right in with his birth, and early life. There is a scene where he is chased by a bull, and he jumps over a hedge to escape the bull, and falls into a beehive, and he runs away from the bees, and falls into a well! It is after this that he decides to go to sea. He figures the rigors of the Navy cannot be as bad as that.

This remains to be seen. He is not on the ship yet, but he has met the first Lt. (a sort of Mr Bush type, who is very secure with being instantly obeyed. I expect hijinks will ensue.) I suppose the hard horse Lt is a sort of a trope. If so, an old one.

The other thing I am reading is a life of Ben Jonson. He was a good 10 years younger than Kit and Will. Still we know that they knew him. And there is some evidence that he played Hironemo in Kyd's Spanish Tragedy. An important part, with a big weepy death scene. I wonder if there is a way to get him into my story. He has a bodily reality that you can feel even from this far away. He must have been swoon inducing in person.

In other news, it is sweatshirt weather now here, suddenly. I approve. I could still swim if I wanted to do it, but I don't feel as if I am wasting the warm days if I don't. Two out of the four of us are back to school. It is very quiet here during the day now. That is fine. It should induce me to work at writing more, or to undertake some stringent plan for self-improvement. So far I have not made any self improvement, but it is only the first week, and there are many fronts to choose from!

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