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This week my daughter and husband both went back to school. He is starting organic chem. She is starting 11th grade.

All summer you could hear outside music and the sounds of children.Those little voices carry. And there have been cookouts on the sidewalk in front of our building, and kids playing ball.

Today it was dead quiet. I went back to sleep after I walked Hazel, and woke confused with my ears stuffed with silence. So strange.

C is going to have a tough year I think. They are starting the whole college advisory process. I am going to try to be a good participant in that. Much as I dislike dragging out to the school, I know I need to do it. She also has an internship somewhere this year, as part of grade requirements. And there will be a full class schedule, and madated testing.

She and Mike can do homework together. He is excited today becuase he got to play with a mass spec machine. He says that his final practical exam will consist of taking a beaker of unknown stuff and seperating it into componant parts. They will be graded on how much they have left. It sounds like something out of Harry Potter!

So here is me-- feeling just a little left behind. There is something wistful about this time of year anyway.Everything uprooting, dying changing, migrating. New colors. New voices. I am alternatley restless and immobile. I  find that I have a tug in my chest, as if I could fly, but have forgotten how.

How are all of you?
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