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Better than water chestnuts

I slept in this morning. Husband walked Hazel, and came back to the apartment carrying a big cardboard box containing 80 bananas. Someone had a pallet of them and was giving them away. They had been divided into the boxes of 80, you could not take less than 80.

They are lovely, fresh and yellow, and perfect in their bunches. But now I have to find a way to use 80 bananas before they go bad. Once they get soft I can freeze them of course, but now I have to think what to do with them.

Son opines that they are stolen! I cannot argue.  My mom once accidentally  bought a stolen in-ground swimming pool. You should never buy a swimming pool from a stranger who knocks at your door. (But you already knew that.)

The funny thing is, I can remember my mom shaking her head, years after my dad died, because we were still working our way through the canned water chestnuts he had bought that one time, (50 cans.) He had been so pleased with himself. I mean this is different, at least these are going to taste good.

So if you are in NYC and are feeling the need of bananas I have some to share. I can meet you on a street corner and give you 10 0r 15. And if you have any bright ideas that go beyond PBB sandwiches, and banana bread, and smoothies, let me know?

We are off to buy a chest freezer.
Tags: family, from brooklyn, real life
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