eglantine_br (eglantine_br) wrote,

The strangest feeling

I got the suggested edits back for my smut project story. What a strange feeling to see that someone has read my story with such close attention, When you put something up to be read you are making them feel it, you don't want them to examine each word, but just sort of inhale and believe. This feels different, this is the sensation of someone on my side of the mirror, looking the same way as me; someone kind and encouraging (I mean that word exactly, in the sense of bringing courage out in me, ) Weird.  It makes me feel quite shy and humble.

Of course many/most of you have been through this already. Did it feel that way for you?

I have been reading more than writing lately, although I do poke along at a couple hundred words a day. Sometimes you paddle along in the lazy river of writing, adding, changing, deleting, and sometimes you hit a waterfall where you write like falling, a thousand words in a few hours. You emerge at the bottom, dazed and changed, and the river slows again. I am in the laziest part of a lazy river now. I have to trail a hand in the water sometimes, just to believe I am moving.

We are in the end of summer now. You can feel that the light has changed. June feels new, July feels like everything blooming. By August the end is in the smell of the wind. I am ready, I suppose, for the slow slide into fall.
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