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Coney Island is goat-related

It is never going to be the new trendy place to live. it is too far from Manhattan. Commute is unappealing. And so it has been, and remains a backwater for renters, a place to go for a summer day, but inconvenient to live in. So the rents are low. In Sunset Park the street language was Spanish. Here it is Russian.  Lots of people from the Caribbean too.

So the grocery store reflects that. Thus the goat meat, which is no longer going to have to be a sometimes treat. Every time I go remind me that they have a deal on 20 lb bags of rice. I barely have room in the kitchen for my own two feet! If I got a 20 lb bag of rice I would have nowhere to store it, and it would get damp and go bad before I used it all.

But husband saw something in the medicine aisle that I have only read about. They had mutton tallow there, as a salve! Very AOS. And we have a Kipling quote to go with it:

'And if your heels are blistered,
And they feels to hurt like hell,
Just drop some tallow in your socks,
And that'll make them well.

I use Bag Balm.Another goat thing. We started out in 1978, putting it on goat udders. (A goat with mastitis is not what you want at all!) Then we began using it ourselves. After my mom died I snagged her last container from her nightstand. My brother would have pitched it. Now you can buy it on Amazon. I wonder if they sell tallow.

Also, is tallow the same as slush? I bet Nodbear knows. In my stories Horatio and Archie use nard for things that need enhanced sliding. This is because I met that word in Crystal Cave when I was 9, and loved the sound of it. But you know, at sea they may actually have used slush for their.. masts. Archie, as we know, is friends with the cook.
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