eglantine_br (eglantine_br) wrote,

Back from the far and mundane

Moving disrupted me. I am still settling in here, after a month and a half. I have the same desk, and more or less the same amount of space, but I fell out of the habit of writing every day. I have to do it, every single day, or the pipes get cloggy, and the words get stuck. Does not mean I will produce anything worth showing every day; Certainly not, although it would be nice to hope. But I am going to make it a real good habit again.

We are doing ok here. Daughter has recovered her bounce. She is out of the house a lot, doing the things that need doing if you are 16, on summer break from school, and happen to live at the beach.She covers a lot of ground. Of course she takes the subway everywhere. At her age I had to use a bike.

This morning Hazel found a Great Blue Heron. She was up on the bank above him. He was down in the mud by the edge of the water. He turned his head to the side, to fix her with his round yellow eye. He was not worried. With those strong wings and that wicked beak not much scares them.  Hazel was not terribly interested anyway. She mostly wants to find old chicken bones discarded in the grass. Sher can scent these from half a block away, and she is never wrong.
Tags: animals, real life

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