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I always make the same decision

Been here a month now. It still feels like spending the summer in a strange little beach house.The subway stops usually smell of what C declares is 'Red Bull and piss.' But my stop here smells of hot-dogs and salt water. People move slow here-- they are taking in the sights they are having a day at the fair. At the end of the day I dump the sand from my shoes. So strange to think I am here to stay.

Today I unpacked the last box of books. Books I had forgotten I had. You know how that is-- I know you do. And every time I think 'Should I throw some out? Give some away?' And sometimes I do, but not many.

Mike is inclined the same way. He loves text books and reference books especially. (I draw the line at Thesaurus, he finds them in the street and brings them home,  and I throw them out. No need to say anything, he does not notice. Thus are happy marriages made. No word is really the equivalent of another word-- not in flavor or meaning. If you cannot remember the word you should not be using it.)

Will I ever color in "The coloring book of Microbiology?' And do I really need a copy of "What's new in the Air-corps?' Probably not. But I find a place for them. Who knows, maybe someday they will be just what I want. I remember the days of looking something up in a book to find out-- my kids will rarely do so. We all go online first now.

Today I did not get rid of any books. I did throw out some old Science magazines. The trashy paperbacks are nestled against the art books (Rowlandson, Copley, Sister Wendy) against the Tom Swifts that Mike cannot part with, against the cookbooks, (Fanny Farmer, Settlement House,) and I kept the book on the Air Corps.
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