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In ER tonight finding out if my kidney is misbehaving. Seems so to me, but tests will tell.

Daughters visit to her doctor was as unpleasant as could possibly be.Neurologist criticized daughters hair, clothes. She asked directly about daughters sexual history right in front of me. In our case it was fine,but usually should not be.done that way. She rebuked daughter for her school performance and changing from the child she had once been. Not fair to say to a teen 'why are you not the cute biddable creature you were at age 12?'

I really do not do medical stuff as a hobby. I would rather have spent my day some other way. Any other way.

Thinking fondly of you all. Sleep well internet people.



Jun. 21st, 2014 05:28 am (UTC)
who the hell does that neurologist think she is? She is there to deal with your daughter's epilepsy not judge her. And last I heard epilepsy is not an STD so why does she need to know about her sex life? I'd lodge a complaint and find a new doctor.

I hope you got better people to deal with at ER and hope the kidney is not misbehaving