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Now I can say

Took Hazel in to the vet on Thursday, she had a lump on her underside. It was a round growth, about the size of a large grape, adhering to her ribs. I was so scared. I know that dogs get lumpy with age, dogs are just sort of generally lump-producing. But still, scared. She is 7 now, and I want 7 more good years. And, we are still paying for Yodel's bladder surgery... They are getting a little bit shirty about it too.

Anyway, vet did a biopsy-- he just called us. Fatty lipoma! Not doggie breast cancer.  Nothing to worry about. Oh, you guys, I am so relieved! It is just a little bit of extra dog. I  suppose we could get it removed, sometime later, but no need now. You cannot even really see it, you will only find it by petting her undercarriage.

Son and I went right in to where she was sleeping, and told her how good she was and hugged her. This is her deep sleep time, she looked at us in astonished outrage, and went right back to dog-snoring sleep.

So, the color has flooded back into the world. Now I can think.
Tags: animals, family, from brooklyn
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