eglantine_br (eglantine_br) wrote,

Beef and Biscuits

Title: Beef and Biscuits

Author Eglantine_br

Rating G (but only because he's stuck on the Indy!)

Word Count 100

Spoiler None

Disclaimer As usual







I think drabble is not my thing. I wanted to try the 100 word limit. Try discipline, like poetry. Now I remember. There is a good reason that I don't write poetry! This is hard!

Nodbear, my imaginary bicorn is off to you. Passing Honors...



Beef and Biscuits





The worst part was, they were not unkind. It was just that they were complete already. With Mr modest Hornblower, and Mr Bracegirdle, who poked you with his eyes, his smile, until you almost said what you thought.


Hunter had friends, back on the Unicorn. He had had women too, plenty; women who liked a man, direct. Hunter was direct.


If only Bracegirdle would stop poking. Stop seeing. And damn Hornblower, who did everything wrong, but got everything right;.and the perfect, dead, Mr Kennedy, that no one ever shut up about.


“No Sir, beef and biscuits does me fine.”

Tags: fiction, mr hunter

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