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Last from the met

To Him Unconquered
Here is Mithras, this was in the Roman room. He looks just as I pictured him when I read Crystal Cave all those years ago

Things are quiet here. Husband and I met for lunch in Herald Square yesterday. He had falafel, I had sushi. We saw a pigeon with a limp. Probably from frostbite. Birds that must walk have trouble with that. He seemed to be doing ok finding food though, and of course can fly.

I was cold when I woke up today, spent the whole day writing, and did not warm up . So decided to make corned beef in crockpot. Easy and good and needs no watching. Now everyone is saying it is hot out-- and it is like 80 degrees, but I am going to have corned beef anyway, so there!

I am almost done with my NSP story. It is growing on me. I have finally gotten a feel for the characters. Now it is almost time to let them go.


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May. 21st, 2014 12:43 pm (UTC)
Meeting for lunch sounds nice! We used to see tons of pigeons where I grew up in Boston, but here in a nearby suburb, there are robing and starlings and wrens.

Corned beef sounds yummy! And YAY! for crockpots!! "Set it and forget it".

Glad your writing is going well! Have a great day!
May. 24th, 2014 10:09 am (UTC)
real home made corned beef ?yum

that might even convert me to eating beef again (I gave it up in the BSE scare here and then realised I didn't really like it anyway :) but home made corned beef -now that is a childhood memory

nice to meet out in the park - my distant memories ( 1976) are that New YOrk is so full of parks and ace contrasts - more so these days I expect
well one day I might get there again who knows

though I have now ( wickedly) got poisoning pigeons in the park on the brain - sorry :{
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