eglantine_br (eglantine_br) wrote,

I am going to have a day

Today the leaves are out, still in childhood, small, tender and very green. Lovely grey sky, but not raining yet. It is not going to be too bad though, if it does. I can feel storm fronts coming from Chicago in my face, and face says nothing.

And even if it does rain, that is fine. I am going to the Met!

I have wanted to go there ever since I was 8. That is when I read the E.L. Klonisburg book about the two kids that ran away and lived in the Met. They slept in an exhibit bed, and bathed in the lobby fountain, and they had an adventure and thwarted some art thieves. I knew even then that it was a fantasy story. But I loved that book. And I wanted to see the Met.

Daughter's school year is winding down, only a few weeks left. The teachers are faced with fractious distracted kids. Everyone wants to be outside. I know the teachers do too. So they are having field trips: to the beach, to the mountains, to farms. Many of the kids have never gone outside the city, so it is broadening for them. My girl is unimpressed. But last week they went to the Met. She liked that. So we are going, the three of us. (Son is at his  GF's house.right now)

When I get back I will write it up.
Tags: from brooklyn, real life
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