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Exciting new purchase

Husband and I have been married 25 years. In those years we have moved 8 times, and had three mattresses. The last one we bought was three moves back, after I got shot. Bed had bullet holes in it.

Today we are getting a new mattress. I am ridiculously excited. They are going to deliver it and carry the old one away! (First time we ever did that, either.)

It is memory foam.

I am going to have a nice long nap on it this afternoon, just to try it out.

Hazel is going to find the process appalling. She is pretty good with people coming to the door. She barks a little, but backs away when we tell her it is all right. But she is suspicious of delivery evolutions. She wants to monitor what comes into the apartment. I may actually have to shut her in Z's room.

Anyway, I am now giving the house a good cleaning up, so the delivery guys won't think ill of me.Makes me think of my mom. In her later years she had a woman she hired to come once a week and clean. On the days when the cleaner was coming mom would get up early and clean herself first, so she would not be shamed.

In my case there is sense to it. I am quite untidy, and we have no room for our stuff to not get stacked up. For instance, I had to remove my bike from the foot of the bed. It sits up on the back wheel there, and I hang my towel on it usually.

Anyway-- the bed will come sometime in the next 4 hours. I am hopping with excitement!
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