eglantine_br (eglantine_br) wrote,

Bald Eagle Mom

I have seen hens do the same. But this is different. There is something awfully moving about seeing a big creature, with a beak that is a weapon, being so careful, so hesitant.

Actually, it could be the dad eagle. I think he sits on the nest too. Whichever one it is you can see them carefully turn the eggs, and count them, and make sure to sit without squishing anything, and to put the warmest softest feathers onto the clutch. Look at how carefully the big eagle steps. Those feet are weapons.

I wonder if dinosaurs moved on the nest that way?

*****Edit. Turns out the mom eagle is 30% bigger. She has a much bigger mouth and a heavy brow ridge. Dad eagle is smaller, his white is more brilliant, and he has a black ring around his eye.

Still hard to tell without seeing them together.
Tags: animals, real life
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